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Today, I got a message from my friend Maggie.

She asked me if I wanted these:

These beauties are galls from Mighty Oak, that lives in her yard. Mighty Oak got a hair cut a couple of days ago and dropped many branches with galls attached.

Maggie knows how much I love galls! When I was young, before I knew what they were called, my brother and I would jump on the dry yellowish brown balls on the ground to crush them. When you jump on a gall, they make a bit of a pop, break into pieces and become a fine powder. Beyond exciting, how can you resist jumping on them!

I have a habit of asking anyone who is lucky enough to live with Mighty Oak if I can take the galls off their hands. The galls become a luscious dark brownish black ink. A tried and true ink. An ink with history.

So, I collected a few things from the garden (and eggs from the chick chicks) to take to Maggie in exchange for art materials:


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