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Just Enough Time

to wake up

let the dog out

let the chickens out

feed the chickens

feed the cat

get a cup of coffee that's not really coffee

take out the recycling

pick up poop or scat if you prefer

from the dog, the cat, the raccoons, the alley cats

feed the dog

wash the masks

sit down

respond to others

hug my son

dry the masks

respond to others

hug my other son

take a shower

pack the backpack

fix food

pack the car

remember the masks

put the dog in the backyard

put on waze

drive to the beach

it takes an hour and 10 minutes

put on our masks

watch my son's first surf lesson

watch my other son take pictures

of the other son's first surf lesson

meet a new family

sit far enough away to talk

about education, fire and the president

worry about getting too close

but trying really hard not to

worry about getting too close

help my son get out of his wetsuit

get back in the car

put on our masks

pick up dinner

get back in the car

take off our masks

eat dinner while

sitting in traffic

get home

it takes 1 hour and 35 minutes

let the dog out


in just enough time

to take pictures

in the natural light

and post


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