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with artist Siân Barlow

A Little Space Gallery, Wales UK

October 29, 2022

The work will link us together through art made in response to our gardens. The garden of a terraced house in the Gwendraeth Valley in a rural and post-industrial part of East Carmarthenshire, West Wales. And the garden of a Bungalow in Eagle Rock, a Northeast Los Angeles Community in California. Eagle Rock is densely populated urban hills and valleys on Tongva land. Nestled in between the City of Glendale to the West, the City of Pasadena to the East, San Rafael Hills to the North and Los Angeles to the South. 

"There is a sense of disconnection that comes from a worldview resting on economics of scarcity and exploitation of people and land. Wendell Berry said "People exploit what they have merely concluded to be of value, but they defend what they love ... and to defend what we love we need a particularizing language, for we love what we particularly know" (Robert MacFarlane, Landmarks, p.10). 

We assert that local and personal actions are necessary to address this disconnection. In this project we reclaim our sense of belonging in our own places, through the work of close attention.

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